The Lone Star Squadron of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps held it's Annual 2016 Awards Banquet at the Lone Star Center on NAS Fort Worth JRB on Saturday night, February 4, 2017. The banquet was a great success and the Sea Cadets and guests had a great time celebrating as awards and certificates of appreciation were presented. The Navy League Fort Worth Council is the official sponsor of the Lone Star Squadron. This Squadron swept all three major national awards in 2016 for excellence and the Navy League and community are rightly proud of them. 


Cadet Dawson Huckabee is the Outstanding Sea Cadet of the Year and is awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Youth Medal. 

L-R LDCR Jayne Bell, Rich Driscoll, Roger Kirkpatrick, Cadet Dawson Huckabee, Steve Hannifin, Carol Driscoll. 
Cadet Austin Benevides is the Outstanding League Cadet of the Year and is awarded the Navy League Youth Ribbon with Gold Boot Award.

​L-R CAPT Mike Steffen, LCDR Jayne Bell. Roger Kirkpatrick, Steve Hannifin, Austin Benevides, Carol Driscoll, Rich Driscoll.
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