Meet The Board

The Fort Worth Council Board of Directors is an experienced team of professional community and business leaders dedicated to the Navy League's missions of education, support and sponsorhip of all Naval Services, personnel and associated youth programs.  
  1.          LCDR Jayne Bell                                   Youth Programs
    LCDR Jayne Bell Youth Programs
  2.               Tom Halley                                                Director
    Tom Halley Director
  3.             Scott Clifton                                            Director
    Scott Clifton Director
  4. Roger "Kirk" Kirkpatrick                                           Director
    Roger "Kirk" Kirkpatrick Director
  5.             Colin Smith                                           Director
    Colin Smith Director
  6.             Jeffrey Klote                                      President
    Jeffrey Klote President
  7.           Harry Hewson                                           VP Ops
    Harry Hewson VP Ops
  8.             Rich Driscoll                                           VP Admin
    Rich Driscoll VP Admin
  9.            Carol Driscoll                                          Treasurer
    Carol Driscoll Treasurer
  10.           Steve Hannifin                                 Secretary
    Steve Hannifin Secretary
  11.         Wayne Trimmer                                          Director
    Wayne Trimmer Director
  12.             Bob Scholes                        Director & Region President
    Bob Scholes Director & Region President
  13.        John Wintermote                                                    Director
    John Wintermote Director
  14.            Jeff Dickman                                                Director
    Jeff Dickman Director